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The Nano Mask from Casada provides reliable protection and also makes you look good. Thanks to the nose clip, it is also ideal for people who wear glasses. Get your face mask now while stocks last.

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The nano mask from Casada provides reliable protection and also makes you look good. Thanks to the nose clip, it is also ideal for people who wear glasses. Get your face mask now while stocks last.
✔️ Functional improvements
✔️ Optimized security
✔️ Increased wearing time & reusability
✔️ Increased comfort
✔️ Modern and attractive design
The mask adapts to the shape of the face and offers more space to breathe. All materials used are skin-friendly and are comfortable to wear. The breathing mask can be used safely for up to two years become.
Most masks on the market unfortunately use cheap adhesives, which can contain carcinogenic substances and have a strong smell. With our unique sewing technology, we have succeeded in completely eliminating additives! Therefore, the mask has a cotton layer that hugs your face and is completely gentle and harmless!


Washable up to 20 times
1. Even after being worn several times, the filter efficiency still meets the high European standards.
2. The filtration function of nano-PTFE membranes depends mainly on the physical separation, which can be reused after washing with water or a 75% disinfection with alcohol.
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Frequently Asked

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Regular fabrics, microfiber cloths, and scarves have not been better at filtering out small particles, nor have they been included in this other. You want no protection from particles. High quality masks as our mutual rights except layers layers makes. They filter the inhaled air and so help the perception by the particles to belong to part like fine dust drastically.

Please do not wash in the washing machine! Our masks can be washed by hand with water up to 60 degrees Celsius. Even after repeated use, the filtration rate still fulfills its criterion.

Yes, the nano masks have special nose clips so that the mask can be individually adapted. The mask is therefore ideal for people who wear glasses, as the glasses do not fog up.

It is a further development of the KN95 mask. It can be reused 20 times after cleaning or disinfection, making it even cheaper, more economical, and more environmentally friendly than its predecessor.

The masks should be kept in a sealed bag, for example, in the original packaging. They should be protected from direct sunlight and stored in a clean and dry environment.


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    66 reviews for NANO MASK (From £5.99/pc)

    1. Elke F.

      Great material, great workmanship, safe and comfortable.

    2. Birgit B.

      Have definitely tested 5 types of face masks- these are really the best: Sits well on your chin and nose, leaves some room to breathe ….I highly recommend it.

    3. Harald M.

      Little breathing resistance and easy to wear with the metal bracket for the glasses.

    4. Carmen V.

      The mask is comfortable to wear. I also don’t sweat as much as under other masks. It was a good choice to choose THIS mask!

    5. Heidrun P.

      The mask is super light and fits well. The elastic band is very soft and comfortable on the ears. I highly recommend the mask.

    6. Heinz Q.

      Fits well, nose clip very well placed, comfortable to wear. Would highly recommend the mask.

    7. Marcelo p.

      Since Covid-19 start i had bought many different type of mask to protect myself ( most of them i find uncomfortable to wear) , till i got this Nano mask from Casada!., last week i bought a pack of 5 and already looking to buy another 5 to have them as spare.I really recommend them, very comfortable-easy to breath when on, especially to myself that i wearing glasses( not really foofy issues).Thank you Casada!

    8. Manuela M.

      Good fit, comfortable to wear

    9. Rainer H.

      As a COPD patient, the mask allows me to breathe well. I am very pleased.

    10. Christine M.

      Great fabric, very comfortable to wear even for a longer period of time, highly recommended, will buy again.

    11. Armin R.

      The Nano mask looks and fits well. When inhaling, it lies against the face so that no additional air can be inhaled, only air through the filter material. That’s how it should be.

    12. Herwig N.

      The face masks are of the best quality. I have no breathing problems with my advanced COPD disease. Highly recommended.

    13. Toni H.

      The masks are very comfortable to wear.

    14. Heribert R.

      The mask is soft and comfortable to wear. Breathing is a little heavier than with conventional surgical masks, but good despite my lung operations. You just have a more secure feeling in terms of self-protection than with other masks. On my second order, I unfortunately overlooked that the mask color can be selected and got pink masks. These were exchanged immediately and without hesitation on my complaint. The product is highly recommended.

    15. Gerhard S.

      The mask is easy to wear and corresponds to my ideas of a good mask!

    16. Hildegard R

      You sit well. I can recommend it only…

    17. Jens L.

      The masks are great to wear and knowing that these are KN95, I feel well equipped for the next few months.

    18. Gerti F.

      The delivery was lightning fast, which I liked very much. The face mask itself is very comfortable. Breathing is easier than with the usual surgical masks. It fits well, especially on the cheeks, so that no unwanted air particles can penetrate from the side. I was so excited after the first delivery that I immediately re-ordered for my family.

    19. Ursula S.

      They are very comfortable to wear and you can breathe easily with them. I can only recommend these protective masks.

    20. Franz K.

      It was comfortable to wear, the elastic seems to be firm, and there is no noticeable leakage of air up to the eyes or neck

    21. Bernd M.

      The mask is very comfortable to wear, it is much easier to breathe than with the disposable masks.

    22. Rudolf E.

      The mask is very good for KN95 protection, even in
      “Continuous operation” to wear.

    23. Constanze W.

      Fast, on-time delivery. Masks are super hygienic and individually packed. Packaging can be used well as a “mask cover” for on the go, so the mask is safely stored when you don’t need it. Great wearing comfort! Mask can be used several times as it is washable. You feel safer than wearing a disposable surgical mask. I would order again anytime. And in terms of price, the price was not the decisive factor for me, but good quality of the masks. I highly recommend it.

    24. Barbara B.

      The mask is nice and light and I get good air through it. It is very important to me that it complies with FFP2.

    25. Michael K.

      High quality mask, promised is N95 quality, high wearing comfort, practically does not hinder breathing

    26. Jürgen H

      Not uncomfortable even when worn for a long time.

    27. Eva H.

      Comfortable to wear, breathing is hardly affected, the fit is good, the mask does not slip off your nose. The fabric is comfortable and soft, the mask does not smell unpleasant. I highly recommend the product.

    28. Horst K.

      Great masks, high quality, acceptable price.

    29. Gabriele H.

      Comfortable to wear. I will recommend you

    30. Lore S.

      Breathing is easier than with other cloth masks

    31. Dagmar U.

      Cool masks. You hardly notice them. I wore them all the time on the plane and found them very comfortable and breathable.

    32. Andrea D.

      Great mask, great fabric and great for people who wear glasses. Finally found a mask where everything is right for me.

    33. Dr H

      If the protection corresponds to your promotion, then I am very satisfied!

      Above all, the multiple use is great!.

    34. Ina-Marietta R

      Easy to use

    35. Lena K

      Comfortable to wear, but the washing instructions are missing

    36. Winfried M

      Very comfortable to wear. Optics can be seen. I feel protected.

    37. Georg S

      I am very satisfied with the mask

    38. Anne-Margarete H

      we are satisfied

    39. Richard W

      Very good quality Thank you. Again and again.

    40. Sabine B

      No problem, okay quickly

    41. Helena W

      I bought for stock. Have only worn white so far. Unfortunately, they get dirty quickly. Since you are also valuable, I can wash you more often. I’m looking forward to the new gray color

    42. Hans-Joachim S

      Very easy to wear.

    43. Michael L

      Very good protective mask, very good ventilation. Very easy to wear because it is very soft and cuddly. Tight. The initial chemical odor dissipates quickly. Highly recommended.

    44. Franz M

      Is very comfortable to wear!

    45. Ingrid K

      Broadcast in the promised time. The mask sits tightly. The fact that it pulls inwards when you breathe in takes getting used to, but a sign of a good seal. Perfectly sealed for short-term use. How I can cope with the difficult breathing during prolonged periods of wear remains to be seen.

    46. Helge B

      Fast, uncomplicated delivery.

    47. Felicitas B

      The shipment was delivered on time. The masks smell very strong and unpleasant. I rinsed them with clean water before first use. Then it went. You sit well. As far as anti-virus protection is concerned, I have to rely on the statement from you, the manufacturer, that this is the case compared to normal fabric masks.

    48. Winfried F.

      These masks are very breathable. I can’t judge everything else yet. In any case, we wear them on the plane, on the return flight

    49. Thomas O.

      The mask fits tightly. This certainly guarantees better protection.

    50. Petra E

      208 9/13/2020 Petra E. I’ve only had this mask for a few days and only wore it a few times. I was satisfied there.

    51. Marina K

      Since I’ve been using this mouth and nose protection, I feel safer than before. It is very comfortable and fits perfectly. This is the mask I was looking for not only to be safe but also to look good. Another advantage is that you can wash them and use them several times or use a different color. It’s just what I want
      Last but not least, the quick and correct operation on your part should be emphasized. Thank you so much!

    52. Sybille P

      The product is very good. I have recommended it several times.

    53. Anton K

      Everything went very quickly, mask fit top

    54. Ursula K

      I bought the masks in advance and haven’t used them yet.

    55. Gabi G

      The mask is the best of all the masks I own! 👍
      The rubber over the ears could be improved a little. Always slips off one ear after wearing the mask 3 times.

    56. Wilfred H

      Very comfortable to wear. Description applies.

    57. Silvia B.

      TOP !!!!
      Great mask …
      great material ….
      and I not only protect my fellow men but also myself

    58. Angela K.

      Good quality, comfortable to wear even with prolonged use. Breathing hardly hindered. Fast, reliable service / delivery.

    59. heidi S

      The mask is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. The best I’ve found so far. Many thanks

    60. Wilfried D.

      I have it on for the first time today 🙂

    61. Beate G.

      The mask fits well, you can breathe well and the color I have chosen grey, is friendlier than the frequently seen black.

    62. Karl S.

      The first mask that meets all my expectations and covers the mouth and nose area very well. I highly recommend the mask.

    63. Max T.

      Very comfortable to wear because it can be easily adjusted. No bad feeling, even if you have difficulty breathing!

    64. Norbert W

      Have tried many products before, but this mask is absolutely the BEST for me.

    65. Marlene R.

      The shape of the face mask has changed
      after hand washing (water heated to 60 °)
      not changed. Excellent!

    66. john kuntus (verified owner)

      amazing fit, good quality

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